Plains Game Animals

Plains Game Animals

Plains game animals are the bread and butter of an African safari. They are far more popular and less dangerous than the elusive big game species that so many hunters dream of taking on a safari.

South Africa is a premier destination for plains game hunting with its wide range of habitat types and abundance of antelope species. Namibia offers world class hunting for both common and exotic species, including gemsbok (oryx) – the national animal of Namibia and featured on its coat of arms, cape eland, springbok, blesbok, impala, steenbok and zebra. The Burchell-Wolf Safaris – Namibia Hunt package includes 10 trophy fees of some of the most sought after plains game in the world.

These species can be hunted using a variety of techniques from walk-and-stalk to hunting from a blind or tree-stand. They can be found in a wide variety of habitat and topographical environments depending on their ecological, dietary and water requirements. Species such as red hartebeest, blesbuck, black and blue wildebeest prefer open grasslands while the likes of greater kudu and sable will be encountered in more dense bushveld habitat.

From Savannas to Deserts: The Fascinating Habitat of Namibian Wildlife

The elusive mountain nyala is one of the most beautiful and sought after spiral-horn antelopes in the world and can be found on the rocky mountains of Ethiopia and Kenya. Other common and exotic plains game trophies include klipspringer, roan, sitatunga, steinbok, tsessebe, warthog and the mountain reedbuck. They are a great way to start your safari adventure and are an excellent add-on to any hunt of the Big 5. They can also be taken in combination with most of the larger exotics such as oryx, kudu and sable.

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