Portraits of Dogs at the Wallace Collection

Portraits of Dogs at the Wallace Collection

As any dog canvases owner will attest, the human/dog bond is a special one. The Wallace Collection in London’s new exhibition Portraits of Dogs explores that mysterious connection, and the way it has transgressed into art history.

A long tradition of pet-inspired art exists, from Renaissance painters incorporating their family dogs into portraits to modern artists creating paintings of the pets of celebrities and social media stars. Interestingly, this tradition stretches back even further, to the early cave paintings that show humans and dogs living together in a close relationship.

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Dogs occupy a unique position in the animal kingdom, with their ability to adapt to their owners’ personalities and emotions. Their loyalty and faithfulness is also a common theme across the arts. This is a particularly strong theme in 19th-Century paintings, like the resolute Hector, Nero and Dash of Queen Victoria from Edwin Landseer’s work Hector and his Sister, which depicts the queen’s two spaniels displaying their steadfastness in contrast to a greedy parrot below them.

Other dog-themed paintings are more playful, capturing the whimsy of these furry creatures. For example, Paul Klee’s “Solitary Dog Baying at a Full Moon” combines an image of a dog with a graphic visualization of sound: winding, sinuous lines mimicking the dog’s howl as it rises into the night sky.

These dog-inspired artistic interpretations of man’s best friend beckon viewers to establish their own connections and weave narratives that transcend conventional boundaries. Whether you’re looking to immortalize your own beloved pooch or spoil your animal-loving friends, these canvases are an excellent choice.

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