Types of Farm Fence Wire

Types of Farm Fence Wire

Whether to farm fence wire livestock safe, protect crops or garden, or simply provide a barrier for wildlife, farm fence wire is an essential piece of agricultural equipment. This type of fencing can withstand the push and pull of large animals while still being affordable for most farmers and ranchers. Its smooth S knot design prevents abrasions from scratching and the small openings minimize entanglement of smaller hooved animals. It is also available with a woven mesh for added strength and safety.

Barbed Wire

The classic choice for confining cattle and other relatively docile livestock, this type of farm fence uses multiple strands of strong woven wire into which sharp barbs have been inserted. It works well for confining animals through simple aversion—animals quickly learn that rubbing against this type of fence results in painful pricks and will stay away from it. However, barbed wire can be dangerous to horses and should not be used anywhere they may come into contact with it.

Woven and Mesh Wire

Made from thinner steel wires turned into a woven box or tighter mesh screen, woven and mesh farm fencing offers superior strength and security for keeping livestock safely confined on the property. Woven wire fencing is also more attractive than welded wire fences and is typically coated in white to improve visibility. It is a good choice for use with horses because it can be constructed with tighter vertical spacing to reduce the risk of them getting caught or injured on the bars. This type of farm fence can be electrified for increased strength and effectiveness.

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