Where to Find the Best Cannabis Seeds Store

Where to Find the Best Cannabis Seeds Store

With 37 states now legalizing SeedsHereNow and sixteen now allowing recreational use, it’s no surprise that there are more Americans than ever considering growing their own. And with the right seeds and a little luck, that dream can be a reality.

The first step in selecting cannabis seeds is determining what kind of plant you want to grow. It is helpful to understand the difference between indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains, as each has its own unique cultivation needs. Indica-dominant plants have shorter flowering cycles and prefer cold climates, while sativa plants tend to be taller and have lighter green leaves.

SeedsHereNow: Your Destination for Superior Cannabis Cultivation

Mary Jane’s Garden is a reputable seed bank with an extensive catalog and a high germination rate. They offer detailed germination guidelines and knowledgeable customer representatives who can provide additional guidance if needed. They also offer free seeds with every order and generous discounts on larger orders.

ILGM is a one-stop shop for growers, selling both feminized and auto-flowering seeds as well as all of the equipment you’ll need to get started. The site also has an active community forum, detailed grow guides, and a collection of top-shelf strains like OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4), and White Widow.

MSNL is a highly respected seed breeder with a large collection of quality strains and a wide range of options for all types of growers. The company offers a germination guarantee, low shipping costs, and a convenient return policy. Plus, they sell the coveted Crop King seeds in more than 170 stores across Canada and the United States, which speaks to their reputation for excellence.

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