Mushroom Extracts Are Taking the Beauty World by Storm

Mushroom Extracts Are Taking the Beauty World by Storm


mushroom extracts are taking the beauty world by storm with their skin-loving, anti-aging and mental health benefits. You can find mushroom supplements in capsules, powders, mouth sprays, gummies and teas. There are many different mushroom species that provide a variety of benefits. Some are known for their cancer fighting abilities while others have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

  1. Extract Expertise: Choosing the Right Mushroom Extract for You

Medicinal mushrooms contain bioactive compounds from both the fruit body and mycelium. To create a supplement, the desired species is dried and ground to a coarse powder, then placed in a liquid solvent such as hot water or alcohol to allow the mushroom compounds to be dissolved. The liquid is then filtered and the solids are discarded. The resulting solution is then concentrated and spray dried to produce a powder, the result of which will not contain all or most of the original mushrooms.

There are several methods of mushroom extraction, but only the ones that produce the most potent supplements should be considered for use as a healthful addition to your diet. Here at WholeSun Wellness, we use the hot water and dual extraction processes to make our products.

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